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My Mom, Grandma and Aunts sat under one of these with curlers in their hair when I was little. I always loved watching them fix their hair.

Bubble Yum mint flavored non-stick bubble gum! Watermelon was my favorite!

Gold Rush bubble gum. I loved this stuff.

Drink one can and all your teeth fall out.

These gumball & jaw-breaker machines were common inside & outside grocery stores. I'm sure a few teeth were broken chewing the jaw-breakers!

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum ! I remember when this first came out. Bubblegum that lasted a long time and blew great bubbles.

Second only to Kissing Koolers is Kissing Potion. I can't pinpoint a year, but it seems to me I had these anywhere from 5th grade to 9th grade (1987-1991?) and maybe the whole stretch in between. Bubble gum flavor. I distinctly remember the flavor, and I also distinctly remember that these lip glosses would always get a gritty feeling to them as you neared the end of the bottle. Good times!

Orange Juice bubble gum.... I fell asleep with a mouth full of this when i was a kid and woke up with gum all in my hair!

Bubs Daddy...flavor lasted 20 seconds. So I would go through it very quickly!!

FUSEN GUM: Fusen chewing gum - fancy "foreign" gum that came with awesome temporary tattoos - i was definitely more into the two-tone design of the tattoos than the gum itself.