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    • Stephanie Trosclair

      AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING. Brand new, just opened, from the box tampon. MOLDED. Ladies, lets look into some alternatives. Cloth pads and cups are NOT disgusting. THIS IS.

    • Heather Gallo

      The Tale of the Moldy Tampon... I am pinning this as a health awareness issue. I am not sure I ever want to use another tampon again! Make sure you read the Kotex response to this issue! Alternatives are the keeper and the diva cup!

    • nursat

      Why you need to check tampons for mold.One doctor who saw the tampon in question called it “disgusting.” “If a woman uses a tampon that is contaminated with bacteria, mold, I suppose there can be a risk of infection because you’re putting mold in the vagina,” Dr. Jay Staub, an OB/GYN, explained to Fort Worth’s News 8 , which picked up Parr’s story.

    • E. Rede M.

      Horrifying Moldy Tampon Story Will Haunt Your Nightmares --- it's just a little bread mold! Some of us are fatally allergic to bread mold, ya know.

    • Mia O.

      "The tale of the moldy tampon," pinned from

    • Joy Erskine

      Parr For The Course: The tale of the moldy tampon. Um...EW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought these things were supposed to be sterile!

    • Casey Albin

      The Tale of the Moldy Tampon----Ummmm check your tampons girls this is nastyyyyyyy

    • Kelly Foster

      The Tale of the Moldy Tampon,p.s do NOT buy Kotex tampons if you do

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    YUCK!!!!! Every woman needs to read this about tampons/pads! I'm buying a diva cup pronto.

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    hahaha I seriously love this!!!!

    that's one classy lady!

    oh thats what the lines mean..

    need lol


    Now that's LOVE! :)


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    Prank gift boxes. If they ever stop laughing they can open them and see the real gift. ;)

    Health Benefits of Medicinal Teas [infographic]

    Totally true

    or when i'm supposed to be studying but instead i'm on pinterest

    The Big Bang Theory

    I wish someone would have taught me this a long time ago so I would remember gallons, quarts, pints, and cups! This is pure GENIUS!!!


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    Use shower hooks on a hanger for a hat organizer---- omfg!

    Babies are born w/out kneecaps?? wtf??? lol