Free comic strip templates

FREE COMIC STRIP TEMPLATES~ Great for kids to color, cut out, and glue to create their own comic strips. Fun writing activity!

This is a blank graphic novel (comic book) template that can be used across all curriculum areas. Having students create a graphic novel page is a great way to assess a student's understanding of a subject in a non-traditional way. All pages can be flipped upside down for a total of six different page layouts. Students can illustrate a trip through the solar system, the track food takes through the digestive system, or many other topics.

Free printables comic strips to use for story telling (3 types)

Blank Comic Strip

Book Report

FREE poster!

Reading group or intervention game! A fun idea would be to roll the die and begin a made-up story, each person that rolls tells the next part. 1. Roll all first. Write down your numbers. 2. Begin the story in numerical order. It does not matter how many play, just so there are 2, even if one is teacher or babysitter. Lots of fun in store! MamaPat

Alphabet Brainstorming- can be used with any subject/unit as review or idea generator. Have students work in groups to come up with one idea per letter.

Fill in your own comic strip dialogue - weather theme

I love a fun song.....

*FREE* Prepositions Printable

4-page non-fiction note-taking template for middle and high school students. When Cornell notes just aren't cutting it!

free printable

Newspaper Template

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Elephant and Piggie comic strips!

love this template.

free close reading sheets

Nonfiction summary template anchor chart

create your own jeopardy...and it's FREE!!!!