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  • Tabitha Nelson

    DIY Lego Wall - This is awesome and would be great in a playroom (I almost said in the boy's room - but being a girl that liked playing with legos? I'd put it in the girl's room too! :D )

  • Jamie Hoffmann

    Do It Yourself Lego Wall, great idea for a play room. Maybe for the new playroom.

  • Lee Coll

    diy LEGO wall. Next addition to the Lego room!

  • Lexi Trease

    diy lego wall- great idea for a play room!

  • Conor Leary

    DIY Lego wall - this Is awesome and will definitely be at least of portion of my kids room or their playroom

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can't do this to our walls because we rent, but i think i may try it on a bulletin board or two and hang those. owen would love it!!

Going to have to do this for my sons room when he's age appropriate. :P just a small section of his wall most likely by a desk he plays at :)

How fun for a playroom! This is the only way I want legos in my house!

This LEGO wall is a must for the ECC. Although maybe instead of a whole wall it will only run halfway up (and use the Duplo base plates).

Want your kid to have the coolest bedroom around? Install a LEGO wall!

lego minifigures/characters display wall. brilliant DIY project - I bet I could make this on a board and then hang it...

I'm inspired to get some kind of cool container (rather than the Lego ones) to attach to the wall with the Lego plate above in the boys' room! They could do some creative stuff--and the Legos would be off the floor! Pfst, who am I kidding, they'd still be on the floor....

Oh my goodness! What a neat idea to integrate into a kids room!