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'Teenager Posts' Of The Week: Autocorrect's Worst Offense And The Dangers Of Being TOO Sarcastic

Hmmmmm....this made me laugh

Teenager Posts


Likely the latter.


So true!!


Sarcasm- this is soooo true in our family. If we bust your chops, you have been accepted as one of us!!

Truth! But it can be a good thing


:) Teenager Post :)

especially sam hunt or sleeping with sirens.

that friend is me

It's true!

Alomst there.... Aaaalllllmmmmosssstttttt.... And suddenly the people down stairs here a thud... me upstairs* laying flat on the ground, still trying to grab that one stupid thing...


quiet people story of my life

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funny not funny. seriously

I can think of someone who seriously takes this to heart.