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Right?! It's like you feel better about it if u were close or something.... It's weird...If its really messed up it somewhat helps knowing what word they were going for but totaled failed at! xD

Here's a fun fact for u. That button takes u to the first website for what u searched. Ex. If u typed McDonalds into the search bar, it might take u to the McDonald's website (or whatever is first on the search screen).

Why do people just assume I'm mad because I don't feel like talking like wow sometimes I'm just too lazy to talk I'm not always mad

I say to the boys; -here, give it. *opens it without a sweat* *boys instantly fall in love with me* Lol

So many people at school will randomly come up to me and quietly ask..."Victoria... What's your secret...?" Every time I say, "I don't have one..." Then I walk away slowly leaving that person in shock...



Photo - TEENAGER POST I actually have vivid memory of West street Durban SAfrica - Vanessa Rene hysterical laughter awkward boy!

I do. Mostly at night when it's time to watch a movie....

Can someone change the name if these most of then don't exclusively apply to teenagers!!!! Some of then don't even apply to teenagers at all :p

Or just five more minutes for a women doing there makeup or trying to get ready is the same as five more mins of football for a man