Favorite Things- Big dogs that think they are lap dogs.: Saintbernard, St Bernard, Saint Bernard, Lapdog, Bigdog

Newfie looking for something good to eat...

Hah!!!.......and i thought German Shepherds were the biggest thing to want to be lap/couch dogs. This guy must have been crushed to death.

Aww Saints!!

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Why dogs are the best thing in the world

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Dogs <3

It happens

Gentle Giants: Big Dogs That Are Big Softies | Divine Caroline

Doggies and babies

St Bernard

So true!

so cute!

“Lunch? YES!” | You'll Never Be As Excited To Eat Lunch As This Dog

helper doggies!

This inspirational wall art is the perfect gift for any dog lover! Chloe has definitely taught me to take plenty of rests

aww no concerns what so ever !