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Lord of the Rings. View more cosplay at

One ring to rule them all...

Sam is my girlfriend's favorite character and it's easy to see. Samwise the Brave :)

oh......... I am such a geek as to pick out the words that they didn't get quite right in the's FETCH not "GET ", okay?!?!?!?! lol

I took a History of Middle Earth class in college and there are quite a few more important details missing than this, but I'll just let this blow your mind a little.

♥ I have to say, Eowyn and Faramir are my favorite EVER. Aside from Katniss/Peeta, and Han/Leia, and Luna/Neville (even if that one's not canon).

A good argument breaker…

Dominic Monaghan is the offspring of awesomeness, there's several other offsprings too, but he's one.

Theodin King's armor. Draws elements from Norse, Celtic, Saxon and Mongolian armor.

Eye of Sauron. by Hersson Piratoba. I like the use of warm color and the technique of blending that makes the eye look like it is fire. The image looks like a photo graph but we know it cannot be.