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    This PowerPoint contains 75 slides on the following topics Kingdom Plantae - Plants: Introduction to Plants, Multicellularity, Absorbing Nutrients, Symbiotic Relationships, Mycorrhizae, Preventing Water Loss, Cuticle, Stomata, Guard Cells, Reproducing on Land, Vascular Tissue, Seeds and Flowers, Advantages of Conducting Tissue, Advantages of Seeds, Seed Plants, Protection, Nourishment, Plant Dispersal, Growth, Advantages of Flowers, Plant Life Cycles, Alternation of Generations, $12.00

    All About Plants!

    Plants Life Cycle: Your students will love this hands-on plants interactive notebook activity. The students will cut out seed shaped flaps to attach to their interactive notebooks. (Round flaps are also provided.) Students will color and number the pictures of a plant's life cycle in order. Under each flap, students will write a sentence that describes what is happening in the picture.

    Life Cycle of a Butterfly Glyph TpT$

    FREE plant life cycle anchor charts. I can't wait to hang these in my science center!

    FREE!!! Frog Activities - Frog Life Cycle Spinner - Great for science interactive notebook or as a stand alone craftivity!!! ENJOY!!

    Life Cycle of a Plant "Freebie" differentiated lesson for grade 3 students on an iep

    Pumpkin Life Cycle - This is a fun project for students to sequence the life cycle of a pumpkin. Students will love making this simple and cute accordion fold mini-book.

    Plants Life Cycle: Your students will enjoy completing this word find. Students are given 12 cloze sentences with information about the life cycle. They must complete the sentences, then find the words in the word search. A word bank is provided on a separate page - great for differentiation.

    This writing activity can be used as part of an animal life cycles unit or as a spring or Easter themed activity. Students will choose an animal that hatches from an egg, write clues about it, and then "hide" it inside an egg. FREE

    Plant Life Cycle: I like this one because it shows so many stages

    Plant Life Cycle Anchor Charts {FREEBIE} image 3

    life cycle

    Plants Life Cycle: Your students will love this hands-on plants craftivity. The students will make a Plants Life Cycle accordion. The students will need to research plants to discover fun facts about each stage of the life cycle. A completed plants accordion book is also included as a key or for a modification for students with special education needs. Each book comes in color and in black and white.

    Plant Growth: great video to show the kids plant life cycle

    Kelp This informative and dynamic PowerPoint presentation illustrates and explains the kelps' - Appearance - Habitat - Definition - Different parts as compared to plants - Position in its food chain - Inhabitants - Dangers and threats - Life cycle - Life span - Usefulness to humans - Various species - And Much more - The presentation ends with a few higher level thinking writing activities. by Ryan Nygren (photo -

    Life Cycle of a Frog

    Life cycle of a plant Fold & Learn English & Spanish

    This Healthy Relationships PowerPoint Presentation has 7 slides on the following topics: Healthy Relationships, Improving Communication, Improving Communication. Characteristics of Good Friendships, Characteristics of Love Relationships, Jealousy in Relationships, Healthy Relationships. $

    Dandelions: A Bilingual Lesson on Plant Anatomy and Life Cycles