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Bath time!

Looks like someone needs a bigger pool! The Pool Source can help out!

How to make sure no one steals your ball while you nap! #golden #retriever #breed

How to make sure no one steals your ball while you nap! River the lab would be all over this!

I've been shot at, had people try to stab me, seen and watched death multiple times, temporarily lived in one of the most hostile places on the face of the earth, but my heart melts at the soft sincere eyes of a Golden.

and a Golden Retriever.Golden Retriever - Golden Retrievers the charming dogs with beautiful shining coats. These dogs are loyal, obedient, intelligent and affectionate. They are ranked as most obedient among all dog breeds

I dont know what happened I just went to hide my bone #rescuedog #dog #itsarescuedoglife

What mud? I don't see any mud? Do YOU see mud? You MUST be seeing things. Yes, I think you need the eyes AND the glasses checked at once.

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Reminds me of shadow my golden retriever. He has been gone 3 years and my heart still misses him. I hope the people who stole him are spoiling him and loving him as much as I did for 9 years.

Instead of a regular old swimming pool, how’d you like to have a large natural pool that looks like a pond, complete with plant and animal life? You get to enjoy that lovely bond with nature as if you were out in a jungle somewhere, when you’re actually in your very own back yard (and you don’t have to worry about what dangers lurk beneath). I’ve seen a lot of posts and shows lately about people getting companies to transform pools into gorgeous ponds like these, but here you can learn how…

This Natural Pool Is Totally Chlorine-Free And Natural! Here’s How To Build It…

Magical Outdoor DIY: How Make An All-Natural Swimming Pond .hmmm, wonder if my hoa would approve this!

Who knew they had doggie swimming pools? This is much cuter than a plain old round kiddie pool  :) - Top 10 Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture for Your Pet

Top 10 Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture for Your Pet

DIY Bone Pool - Such a CUTE idea! To bad the bone pool is so expensive! :( but there's lots of other great ideas & DIY tutorials for you & your dog!

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Above Ground Pool with Deck, Benefits, Cost, and Ideas

Exterior: Fantastic Above Ground Pool Deck And Stairs from Above Ground Pool Steps For Swimming Pool

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Lots of people wouldn’t think it is essential to cover an indoor pool, but it’s a typical practice with indoor swimming pools, too. When you own a pool at home, it’s essential it be cleaned periodically.

natural swimming pool costs less then a regular pool plus no chemicals!! The plants and animals filter it. video how to

We build less formal natural swimming pools, but I love them all. Our natural swimming pools have are environmental systems that use no chlorine. definitely for the nature lovers that enjoy swimming in the garden.