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    Josephine Baker tried to combat racism by adopting 12 children of different ethnicities from around the world. holds in her arms her 10th adopted child, a boy from Venezuela, as another of her adopted children looks on. 1959. age 53 #actor

    Mary Sherman Morgan was America’s first female rocket scientist and she was credited with the invention of the liquid fuel Hydyne in 1957, which powered the Jupiter-C rocket that boosted the United States' first satellite, Explorer 1. #women #STEM #rocketry #science #herstory

    Confederate General's outer jacket, American Civil War, circa 1864.

    "1st black pilot with Continental Airlines who had to go through the Supreme Court to get the job. Marlon Dewitt Green (June 6, 1929 – July 6, 2009) was an African-American pilot whose landmark United States Supreme Court decision in 1963 helped dismantle racial discrimination in the American passenger airline industry, leading to David Harris hiring as the first African-American pilot for a major airline the following year."

    President Kennedy. Sweet Southern Charm ⚓

    First Lady Frances Folsom Cleveland with daughter Esther, who in 1893 became the only baby ever to be born inside the White House. Francis was the youngest first lady (21), first to marry at the White House, and first to give birth in the White House. In all they had 4 children. She was the first former first lady to remarry as well after his death. She was 27 years younger than Grover and was his law firm's business partner's daughter.

    The beautiful new 1 World Trade all dressed in red, white, and blue~

    NYC. Freedom Tower Construction and the World Trade Center Memorial.

    World Trade Center and Statue of Liberty. We must all remember those symbols.

    Margaret Sanger...women's rights and advocate for birth control. Arrested numerous times, urged women to "chase the greatest possible expression and fulfillment of their desires upon the highest possible plane." --explaining, "one of the many great functions of contraceptives."

    Christa McAuliffe - teacher who flew on the fateful flight of the space shuttle Challenger

    1917 Katherine McCormick, first female biology graduate from MIT and millionaire philanthropist, aligns with Margaret Sanger and smuggles diaphragms into the US. Unlike condoms, diaphragms put control of fertility in women’s hands. Later she funds research that leads to the pill.

    Halle Tanner Dillon Johnson was a 24 year old widow raising a daughter when she decided to attend the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania. She graduated with honors in 1891 and accepted a position as the resident physician at the Tuskegee Institute. Before she began her job, Halle needed to pass the Alabama Medical Board exam, an unusually difficult multi-day test. When she passed the exam, Halle became the first female physician of any race licensed by the state of Alabama.

    Rosalind Franklin: female scientist instrumental in discovering the structure of DNA

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton - instrumental in helping pass a law allowing women to own their own property (passed in New York in 1848)

    Chicago’s Police Department’s first female officers, 1913 The starting salary of a policewoman in 1913 was $ 75 a month, and each officer was assigned an area to patrol—often a beach, park, bus terminal, railroad station, or dancehall. Their duties included protecting girls from unsavory types who might lure them into danger and arresting girls for wearing questionable swimming costumes at the local beaches. Inspiration for "The Secret Life of Anna Blanc," by Jennifer Kincheloe.

    Mary Terrell, along with Ida Wells, was one of two black Republican women who in 1909 co-founded the NAACP. The daughter of former slaves, Terrell became a prominent writer & civil rights activist. She campaigned tirelessly for women’s suffrage. As president of the Women’s Republican League, Terrell campaigned for Republican presidential candidate Warren Harding in 1920. In the words of Mary Terrell: “Every right that has been bestowed upon blacks was initiated by the Republican Party.”

    Minneapolis women lining up to vote for the first time in a presidential election, 1920

    missouri dustbowl | dust bowl

    Nascar was started in the 1920's by bootleggers. They tried to see who could race fastest to determine who could outrun the cops the best.

    Women bootleggers - Prohibition

    before interstates

    new york 1800's - lower east side tenements

    Capturing History: "The Unboxing of the Statue of Liberty in 1885."

    June 1935. "Children of Oklahoma drought refugees on highway near Bakersfield, Calif. Family of six; no shelter, no food, no money and almost no gasoline. The child has bone tuberculosis.”