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  • Dorothy Vichich

    mermaid, captured... Dare to dream

  • Karen Walton

    Mermaid photo shoot

  • Daniel Smith

    Mermaid. Underwater photography is boss.

  • Rodrigo West

    In the land of Mermaids~ proof on #funny ass photos #funny fat people #funny ellen moents #funny army videos #funny cat photos|

  • Carolyne Larkin

    In the land of Mermaids~ proof on #ellen funny moments #funny pacquiao photos #funny photos #daniel radcliffe smoking|

  • Crosby

    90% of the ocean remains unexplored and you’re telling me mermaids don’t exist?

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Unknown Artist

glass purses by philippa beveridge they look like melting chunks of ice

She’s An Amazing Artist

Some/One By The Artist Do-Ho Suh wow just wow when you see what it's made of


William adolphe bouguereau, on the rocky beach.

♥ Do a drawing using every other line of the paper . . . Lizard coming through the blinds? Snake? Possibilities!!!

The Stages of Schizophrenia - A 20th-century artist, Louis Wain, who was fascinated by cats, painted these pictures over a period of time in which he developed schizophrenia. The pictures mark progressive stages in the illness and exemplify what it does to the victim’s perception.

Van Tame

Old silo .


Old silo

Untitled, (Rowboat, ocean and clouds in cupped hands), 1996 | Jerry Uelsmann - Jerry Uelsmann is a pioneer of surreal photography. He began assembling photographs from multiple negatives decades before digital tools like Photoshop were available. Back in the day, he was even friends with legendary nature photographer Ansel Adams and taught workshops with him in Yosemite for years.


surrealism photography - Google Search

Janet Little Jeffers

Fifield's Windows of St. Marys Collection. Butterfly Stained Glas

Moonbeams by Jessie Wilcox Smith

The amazing flowing stonework of Michael Eckerman

Winter wonderland

Greyhound art

Yes deer



arcadiaslight: arcadiaslight "Mariuccia" ,1903 Giovanni Sottocornola (1855-1917)