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lustige tiere majestätisch und müde - Weißlöwe

The White Lions are rare animals found in South Africa. They are not albinos, but a inherited scarcity, unique to one common region on the glob. Their white color is a result of rare color mutation of the Kruger breed of lion.

Bildergebnis für bordeaux dogge

Dogue De Bordeaux / Bordeaux Mastiff / French Mastiff / Bordeauxdog Soon. Cant wait for those wrinkles.

Brazilian Fila Brazilian Fila #BrazilianFila #Listenhund

Fila Brasileiro~from Mastiff, Bulldog & Bloodhound. Considered very dangerous and is banned in about 6 countries.

baby weimeriner

After I graduate college, find a house and a steady job I'm going to reward myself with a weim puppy.

cat and dog, Hund und Katze

Not everyone is your true friend. True friends are something very special, and are never found in abundance. Many times you never really know who your true friends are until you desperately need them.


20 Fotos von Hunden, die nicht wissen, wie groß sie wirklich sind

21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are. I love this. I want a Irish wolf hound