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  • bella

    THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO DO, AND PEOPLE TO SEE. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO HAVE HAPPY THOUGHTS- PICK YOUR ATTITUDE. stop complaining, see the good. its a big, bright, beautiful world out there.. go live it!!

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    Think happy thoughts! | Quotes | Life | Words to Live By | Inspirational | Motivational #nakedword

  • PositiveWords

    positive words to describe someone Think happy thoughts! ‪#‎positivity‬ #quotes ‪#‎inspirational

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Quotes | Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change.

Nurses - your words are powerful - be mindful of saying words like "We are getting slammed" - each moment take a moment - speak positively - guard your thoughts and words!

Inspiring images, #quotes and #affirmations by Calm Down Now, an anti-anxiety mobile app.

I try to remember to do "Happy Thoughts" with Olivia every day. I love hearing what has made her happy for the day!

So many distractions in life. But ultimately, there's only one thing to do: Be happy.

Courtney Baker Shrifter - we need to ingrain this into our mindsets as the new school year approaches. For real.

Think happy thoughts.

Ben's Garden 'May You Be Happy Always' Decorative Glass Tray | Nordstrom

Think Happy Thoughts. Geometric Art Print. Fine Art Photography. Word Dice. Scrabble. Home Decor. Wall Art. Colors. Colorful Pastel. Size A on Etsy, $35.00 AUD

This reminds me of a TED talk on synthetic happiness. To sum it up, by telling yourself that you are happy through synthetic happiness, you actually become a happier and more satisfied person. Our minds work in interesting ways.

To whomever is reading this. My wish for you my friend is that you are not only always happy but also that you not only think that you are beautiful, amazing and one of a kind but know it in your soul as well because you ARE! Trust me on this o.k. gorgeous because it's true and never let anyone tell you otherwise.