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‘The Hansen Writing Ball was invented in 1865 by the Rasmus Malling-Hansen. The writing ball was first patented and entered production in 1870, and was the first commercially produced typewriter.’ - www.remix-numeris...

The Writing Ball, invented in 1865 by the Rasmus Malling-Hansen, first patented and entered production in 1870, making it the first commercially produced typewriter.

The Malling-Hansen writing ball, the first commercially produced typewriter, 1865. (Ephemera/Memorabilia)

Eilian's Hansen Writing Ball- Real life steampunk: Friedrich Nietzsche's typewriter, the Malling Hansen Writing Ball, from various angles.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s typewriter, a Malling-Hansen Writing ball, model 1878. Photo taken by Dieter Eberwein. Seems much more complicated than any computer!

There is something uniquely beautiful about a typewriter and writings from one.. Its What REAL writers wrote on. And though I love my pen and paper, I WILL have one of my own someday:)

This is my favorite typewriter in my collection, the keys drop from the side alternating. Very unique, before we got "set" into our idea of how a typewriter should work.

What might have been written on this beauty? Love letters, novels, speeches....

crystal ball...I absolutely love this and if you know where I can get it please tell me

remember the sound of the keys, and the way the arms would tangle if you typed too quickly?

Dress (Ball Gown) Date: late 1860s Culture: European Medium: silk, cotton.

1860s Photographer Behind Camera Occupational Neat Inscription | eBay