lace zipper detail

Oodles of things on which this one could be useful. Might be fun to have a cincher with a lace zipper in front, even. Me Sew Crazy: Lace Zipper Tutorial.

This is a great weekend project: Revamp an old sweater  Here's the tutorial:

How to Embellish a Basic Sweater with Two Stitches

Installing a zipper. This is my favorite zipper tutorial.

Installing a Zipper ~ Tutorial by Michelle

Installing a zipper. This is my favorite zipper tutorial. [uses a glue-set (w/ a glue stick) method, rather than basting. So much easier!


If you have long arms (like me) and a bunch of long-sleeved tees that don't fit after one wash and dry, you're gonna love this idea. DIY – Long sleeves to short. adding long sleeves to a short-sleeved shirt HAHAHA

Resizing your clothes! (works for jeans too!)

Resizing your clothes (works for jeans too) *feels proud of herself for pinning something practical*

Interfacing info - well written and well explained. I've been so intimidated about this because I know nothing of it but I know I need it in some projects! Sew Sweetness: All About Bag Interfacing

Interfacing info - the pic is kind of weird. But previous pinner said its well written and I've been looking for a interfacing tutorial. Sew Sweetness: All About Bag Interfacing

How carefully, beautifully and simply sew & quot; zipper & quot;  (Not hidden) ..


[how to sew a tummy control panel] putting power mesh into a pencil skirt in lieu of lining

How to Add a Tummy Control Panel - DIY

how to sew a tummy control panel Very detailed tute, awesome variation on delia creates pencil skirt pattern -KO

Swing Shirt Tutorial « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog. Drafting paper pattern from a T shirt; cutting and sewing shirt; can be lengthened for dress. Well-written instructions and lots of pics. No PDF though.

Swing Shirt Tutorial

Swing Shirt Tutorial, from Sew Mama Sew! (Shows you how to draft your own pattern + sew it up too)

Dress Draping:

Draping Pleats - if I ever manage to actually make something! I have this huge wish list of things to sew and crochet.

Clothing Alteration 101: Taking in the Sides

Clothing Alteration 101: Taking in the Sides (Domestic Bliss Squared)

Good beginner sewing lesson, I Love this easy tutorial! Clothing Alteration Taking in the Sides. These girls have a TON of great refashions. Seriously, pin now and read when you have some time.

My mind is spinning with amazing diy clothing ideas

Sweet Verbena: T-Shirt Refashion Great for if you get a stain on the front of a tee, but awesome anyhow. When looking at the tutorial, I thought the pins were pearls, so think sewing tiny pearls along the edges could be pretty, too.