sombrero pasta salad/taco pasta salad

Sombrero Pasta Salad recipe featured on DesktopCookbook. Ingredients for this Sombrero Pasta Salad recipe include 1 lb. ground beef (cooked), cup water, 1 envelope taco seasoning, and 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese. Create your own online recipe box.

Italian Sub Pasta Salad

Italian Sub Pasta Salad

Taco Pasta Salad - great for dinner or side dish!

Taco Pasta Salad

This Taco Pasta Salad is filled with black beans, corn, cilantro, avocados, and tomatoes and old El Paso taco seasoning

About to make this as a last minute dish     for a party. Thank you for recommending Rotel - now that, I have in the     pantry!

Harris Sisters GirlTalk: Southwest Pasta Salad: I added cucumber, red bell pepper, and avocado to the recipe; inverted the amounts of cumin & chili powder; I also used Tolerant Black Bean Pasta instead of regular pasta (and instead of black beans).

Ranch BLT Pasta Salad

Ranch BLT Pasta Salad

Ranch BLT Pasta Salad … sounds like a GREAT summer salad! (I& make with homemade ranch dressing instead of the yucky storebought stuff!

Shrimp tossed in an easy from-scratch alfredo and cooked penne and bake until you have cheesy goodness.

Garlicky Shrimp Alfredo Bake

Garlicky Shrimp Alfredo Bake is full of all your favorite flavors. Shrimp tossed in an easy from-scratch alfredo and cooked penne and bake until you have cheesy goodness.

Buffalo Chicken Salad - Oh man!!!--I thought it was pretty darn good. but you cant go wrong with buffalo anything~alissa

So easy and delish! I used 3 stalks celery, half large red onion, 2 cooked chicken breasts, pasta, and mixed bleu cheese dressing with buffalo wing sauce to desired consistency. ranch instead of bleu cheese dressing.

Creamy Cold Summer Pasta Salad recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen

Creamy Summer Pasta Salad

Creamy Summer Pasta Salad Recipe ~ Light and slightly tangy pasta salad, with just enough creamy dressing to coat the noodles and vegetables, this is one heck of an awesome pasta salad.

Spaghetti Salad | Six Sisters' Stuff

Spaghetti Salad

Spaghetti Salad Recipe on SixSistersStuff Use spaghetti squash instead of pasta

California Pasta Salad - I've made this salad for years and it's always a big hit at potlucks!

California Pasta Salad

California Pasta Salad Recipe- Recipes Californians are fond of cookouts. This salad travels well to picnics, the beach or potluck suppers. Not only that—people love it when it gets there!