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Not Knowing Which Color To Choose -Just Girly Things .this is every time I go to the nail shop.

and that's who I am. ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring who i am, me, quotes, and that's who i am y pictures

Oh golly I get told all the time by T that I am super stubborn.and that's who I am

Fun times

My best friend. all she does is sing with her siblings when they're in the car. the car rides when I'm with her family are the BEST

yes yes yes

Being comfortable in oversized hoodies. I prefer fitted clothes, but hoodies are great.

loving your hair when it's perfectly straight.

I have perfectly straight hair and its blond ! I don't straighten it at all ! I hate my hair for that sometimes and sometimes I like it!


School oh wait my life. Yeah that's some funny stuff.

Borris Lamb, strawberry, honey mustard, HEY!, eh, a wet Peter Pevensie, what is lightning,

When you say them in public and people are just like what the heck are you talking about? And you laugh and feel bad not explaining but you don't want to explain because it's an INSIDE joke! Not and outside joke.

Messy Buns.. My LIFE!

Not like one of those "I think that hairstyle is soooo cute" hairstyles but I love messy Buns(:


Hearing your favorite song on the radio. I've got a billion favorite songs though.