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Inspired by These Colored Wedding Shoes! Posted in Wedding inspiration. I love when brides and grooms have a pop of  fun in their classic attire. I’m inspired by all sorts of colors, they are so exciting! It’s so refreshing to see a bride with a classic white gown, donning a colorful pair of shoes!   Notice how the multicolored bouquets bring the shoes and dresses all together in a harmonious style!

Inspired by These Colored Wedding Shoes

Bridesmaid dresses in purple with different shoes. Bridesmaid dresses in purple with different shoes. Bridesmaid dresses in purple with different shoes.

another wedding wish lister - such a fun idea!!! and pictures with everyone wearing them!!!

love the idea of a flip flop basket at the reception for dancing all night long!

Light grey for the groomsmen and darker grey for the Groom.  I like this idea.

Light grey for groomsmen and darker grey for groom! I love the idea of the groomsmen in a different color suit than the groom! Only the groomsmen would have the dark gray ties and the groom the lighter.

too cute

Creative Wedding Signs to Bring Personality to Your Big Day

Announce the start of your fairy-tale happy ending with a sweet, colorful sign. Do signs: "One upon a time.In a kingdom far far away." "two people fell in love.and the lives happily ever after"

Ring bearer

Precious for Ring Bearer! Official "Ring" Security t-shirt to wear for the reception.

The bride and the groom write letters to each other the night before the wedding and seal them without showing the other. During the ceremony, put the sealed letters in a wooden wine box with a bottle of wine from that year and two wine glasses. The person conducting the ceremony explains that the box is to be opened only if there is serious consideration of separation or at a milestone anniversary.  <3

Write love letters to each other and place into a box along with a bottle of wine. nail it shut at the wedding. When you have your first fight, open it up, pour the wine, go to separate corners, read the love letter & remember what it’s all about….

hahah i'm doing this at every wedding i'm in from now on!

For anyone who is EVER getting married - this site has AMAZING photo ideas!~ LOL too funny must have this hilarious photo at my wedding ;) way too funny

this is precious

“Four years ago, I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl, who had a boyfriend. And I had to do the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do, which was just to… wait…And, a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with…

Possible flowers? With feathers mixed in?

Green and Blue Wedding Ideas

Cupcakes shaped into a wedding gown for a Bridal Shower

Change up the frosting decoration and it's a super sweet Princess Pull Apart Cupcake Cake. (Originally, a Bridal Shower Pull Apart Cupcake Cake.

No regular bar, but what about just 2 premixed drinks in igloo.  Could even wait to bring it out until 1/2 way through reception - after the non-partiers leave anyway.

bride and grooms signature drinks.no full bar, just bride and grooms fav drinks, beer, and wine. These are PERFECT for us.

DIY crafts. Some of my faves are fabric feathers and hammered spoon place cards

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i love the yellow shoes with the grey dresses! but its whatever you want :) Charcoal Grey (gray?) and bright yellow wedding colors ideas so neat!