Grooms Cheesecake <3 his favorite!!!

if you put it in the same blue thread that you do the date on the underneath of the dress itll be awesome and a great photo opportunity! wedding-ideas



Cheesecake Wedding Cake - an idea for a grooms cake since he is demanding Cheesecake!

#grooms cakes Chocolate Wedding Cake

Cheesecake Bar at your wedding?!? Yes Please!!

cute Bride & Groom Wedding Cookies

groom's cake ... cheesecake

A gift for your groom on the day of the wedding

Pecan Chocolate Cheesecake

Love <3

cupcakes! I love the top for just the bride and groom, the regular sized cupcakes and the minis for kids and people who don't want a lot of dessert

Having empty chairs across from the bride and groom is a Scandinavian tradition. The signs aren't necessary, guest just know that they are invited to come and chat. This is a simple way to take the pressure off of the bride and groom to do a receiving line or make it around to every table to greet everyone. This way the newlyweds can actually sit and enjoy the meal and it's up to the guests to say hello.

Do you prefer bouquets with flowers in one or two colors or do you like to mix it up? #bouquet #wedding #color

Oreo Groom Cake... Just in case we run out of ideas. I'll bring the milk. You bring the toilet paper. LOL

Beer Cake - in grooms room as a surprise. You will be the best bride ever.

Grooms dinner cheesecake! Love that it looks like a tux!

Grooms cake. Chocolate covered strawberries and cheese cake? Whats not to love. Besides... who has cheesecake at their wedding? We should!

cool idea for a wedding