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  • hannah hawkins

    new life motto #southernbellesecrets

  • Carmen Yoder

    Haha so true! I didn't know that was a southern thing.

  • Beth Sam

    Southern Belle Quotes | Southern Belle Secrets by rosanna | SO TRUE!

  • Ally Dodd

    And another pin that reminds me of my gramma....Maybe that's why I love Savannah so much? True southern charm!!! She would totally agree with this statement... #Savannah #NoBoysAllowed

  • Amelia Upton

    So true! Southern girls have to look good

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Been out of the south for almost 17 years and this is STILL part of my vocabulary. Always will be. And proud of it! ☺

& if you don't say it at the end of a sentence (especially when speaking to an "elder")'re in for it!

I've always said Southern is a state of mind...I'm not from the deep South but I'm from below the Mason Dixon and I have way more in common with the Belles than any yank ;)

The South- perfect explanation....but "ain't" is in my vocabulary.

If you like southern girls raise your glass, If you don't raise your standards. TFM The truth BABY!!!!

The second half is pretty great with all the slang terms we use. Goodness knows I'll need this is we end up in yankee land

Southern Girl.. Need I say more? :)

Pink Preppy Lilly Lover: Southern Belle Secrets Karon Simms

Girls with Pearls - Southern Belle Secrets "Never pay full price for anything that you can get cheaper at a flew market or thrift store."

we teach our young before they start talking to have manners.

This reminds me of my visit to Statesborough, GA with J Pop. Yummmm, sweet tea