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    "Hitler crucified my son" ???

    Das kannst du mir aber glauben

    Das mächtigste Mädchen der Welt

    Wird das Hypnosebrimborium von Slim seine Wirkung tun?

    Unsere Blicke trafen sich

    What else could I do?

    …und ohne mich zu küssen!

    Da lacht er

    Eastern Christian World, Mahmoud Zibawi, the Liturgical Press, Collegeville, Minnesota. 71, St John the baptist, work of Abraham the Scribe 18th c. Church of St Mercurius, Old Cairo.

    Selkup Christian graves with communication holes, normally the hole in the wooden dead humans house for contacts with other world is closed by special wooden stopper (cork), it can be opened when communication is needed and then closed again. Khanty make communication hole differently - on the side of the house and close it with cork and three planks.

    Iconic Comic Strip Parodies - Paperback Charlie Brown Pokes Fun at Beloved Peanuts Characters (GALLERY)

    MAN Comics! Laying aggressively in the dirt, shooting. Yes ...

    Creepy christians

    "The raw intensity of being."

    After this, little Johnny swore he would never look at another comic book ever again! "My son was cured forever! Thank you, Sinister Spiderman!" You're welcome!

    Dr. Jesus

    Jesus H Christ

    It was hilarious until Aunt Gwen lost her balance and fell through the wall, breaking her hip in six places. The burning hot iron was flung with deadly force into the face of her nephew, 10yo Johnny Noonan, who expired instantly. At that point the iron fell on the family's overfed Chihuahua, who popped like a balloon, spraying a supernaturally prodigious cloud of urine, feces and dog bits on everyone. The video was deemed "both hilarious and horrifying!" by America's Funniest Home Videos.