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Chatty Cathy. I wonder what ever happened to mine? My older brother took her apart to see how she talked not long after Christmas, so after that she had brown paper around her belly holding her together.

Quilted robes

vintage stroller My children had this for a stroller/walker...Mama used a one of these when I was a baby too.


Operation Board Game

Old stroller


Vintage Christmas tree...who needs ornaments when you have this much tinsel? Love it. If I didn't have pets who would eat it, my tree would look like this.

Leave it to Beaver Christmas Show

1940 real silver tinselled christmas tree! Stunning! what I think of for Christmas

Main Street Christmas

Santa cups! I have 3 of these from my childhood! I love them!

Green Toilet Paper. That's right, kids, we had toilet paper in a rainbow of colors!

Vintage Mattel Chatty Cathy Doll, 1959 :)

Learned about money with this bank as a child. mine was blue though.

Haven't seen one of these in a very long time!

Old School Paper Cutter

The fun of talking on an old fashioned phone... kids from today will never know.

Penny Brite doll, 1964. Still have mine! [I've lost the bow and the shoes...surprise surprise...-MS]

Southwest Airlines air hostess, 1968 - Air stewardesses used to have very strict weight, height restrictions and they had to be pretty and single. Many also had very revealing uniforms... oh the good old days with major objectification of women :/

McDonald's was just a Walk Up window restaurant in the beginning.