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I have bought this beautiful book for all my grandchildren and all my great nieces when they were born. My oldest granddaughter is 5 ...all I have to do is say "On the night you were born" and she will complete the rest of the book.

This is so true. There have been days I feel like I should have done so much more and as I tuck my kids into bed they will tell me I am the best mom ever. I love my little ducklings!

I say this to my niece all the time. Although, now her response is... "I get it, Auntie." *Sad face* lo P.S belated hubby of 25 yrs always loved the stars, planets, science...always signed his cards w an INFINFTY sign. I sure miss that! l

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. ~ Peggy O’Mara