hey girl.

Il faut que je m'y mette !!!

hahaha, the girl cracks me up!

Favorite of all hot actors. Bradley cooper. Hello future husband, just wait until I'm legal.

My take on the hilarious Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" Memes. If he kept his shirt off during exams then I wouldn't be able to focus on studying.

Definitely wouldn't. Just saw THE VOW Tuesday night ... great movie. Can't believe it is based on a true story.

Hey Girl ... Ryan Gosling - Internet drama, friends fighting

pregnant AF - at 9 months pregnant I'm not sure there has ever been anything more true.

yep, that's what happened

just a pic of me and my boyfriend, Channing. :-)

Yes you can. lol

mmmm :)


Oh Ryan

Hey girl

freaking love nutella.