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    Story of #kindness.... When I was working the evening shift (I work as a cashier) there was couple who immediately apologised when it was their turn to place their items on the conveyor belt. The man said, “sorry, but you’re going to have to work a bit extra because we’re going to pay some with a debit card and some with cash”. Of course, this was no problem and I began....

    Replace 'hot chocolate' with 'good book' and we're set.

    Make time for yourself.

    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 79 Pics

    I will do this!

    hot cocoa and fuzzy socks ♡

    I've actually said something along these lines to some of my patients...and they were just as excited!! :)

    What they don't show you in shark week

    Don't sit back and wait to follow your dreams, take the first step today!

    Go do all the things you've ever wanted to do. You never know what might happen! :)

    :') good times... T-rexes and bushes and stuff... you know who you are... :)


    Thank you fellow sherlockians.. Love you all :)

    @Heather Creswell Creswell Jones I may fail some days, but trust that I have at least thought about it five times, if the actual annoyance has not been instigated. :D

    odd compliments | daily odd compliments by Brittykat

    Okay, so I may have searched 'Daily Odd Compliment' and there may be many pins like this very very prepared ;}

    Oh my god yes. HAHAHAHA it's like someone read my mind and wrote it down. - completely agree Erika!

    Is it very annoying that I can't keep my hands off of you? Or that I never let you nap for long? I'm going to harass you forever!

    the most important things in life..CANNOT BE BOUGHT!

    I bet they'd try to revive me...

    This made me laugh so much

    It doesn't matter how far apart we are ladies of mine!! Never never let go!! Poppy Winningham @justartie Erica Cavazos

    If you don’t like who YOU are when you’re with someone else, that’s a problem, and it’s time to change things. Relationships must be chosen wisely. Don’t let loneliness drive you back into the arms of someone you know you don’t belong with. Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely. -- read: www.marcandangel....

    I can't pin this enough. Sucks to think you are always there for certain people..then when you need someone to be there for you..their not there. But your a mean person when you do the same back to them. Damned if you do..damned if you don't

    Moomin comic strip greeting card - grey