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Joey's apple

Funny pictures about Joey's apple. Oh, and cool pics about Joey's apple. Also, Joey's apple photos.

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"Some girl ate Monica! The camera adds ten pounds." "So how many cameras are actually on you?" -Joey, Monica and Chandler, Friends

Rachel Green  - Monica Geller - Chandler Bing - Joey Tribbiani #Friends - Matt LeBlanc - Jennifer Aniston - Courtney Cox - Matthew Perry

Noisy friends…

Monica and Rachel being woken up by Joey and Chandler's chick that was turning into a rooster.

Poor Pheobe...but hilarious at the same time! I love FRIENDS :)

Joey: And you know the deal on Santa Claus, right? Phoebe: You mean. Joey: That he doesn't exist. Phoebe: Right. Friends TV show quotes Read More Funny

Here Are 27 Of The Best Monica Geller Moments….    literally just watch the "you're stilling my thunder!" one. :D

Here Are 27 Of The Best Monica Geller Moments…--number 5 is the best!

That code xD

When you see frankie tell him Joey Tribbiani says hello – funny friends scene - Meme Collection

True dat! lol

Oh, no you didn't! How I Met Your Mother vs Friends. Bars are better than coffee shops.