I tried getting a white tattoo, but the people wouldn't do it- Said it wouldn't look good- WELL this one does- and I love it! haha

Okay, I love this. if I ever get a tattoo, which is doubtful, I think I would definitely do the white ink thing. It's subtle.

How to Make your Own Temporary Tattoos 1. Sharpie thick lines of what you want 2. Rub baby powder on the area 3. Spray lots of hairspray on thee area 4. Run the area under cold water for 30 seconds once the hairspray has almost dried on your skin. And now you have a temporary tattoo lasting 1 month or so :) !!

How to temporary tattoo from one of your own drawings. it's like diy henna. good to try if you're unsure about a tattoo. it's like a test drive option for tattoos!

This I such a pretty tattoo. I love it. Not a huge fan of the placement, but the tattoo itself is pretty cute. :)

Small love birds on a branch tattoo. maybe I'll add 4 little birds on a branch below :)

pretty quill tattoo

Perfect to remember: I heard something recently that was beautiful. When parrots find their mate, they never leave each other. When one dies, the other never finds another mate and lives the rest of it's life alone. A beautiful tattoo idea, I think.

I've been wanting a tattoo, but can't decide what I want. This would be a great way to test out designs/anatomy before making the long-term commitment.

Oh the lovely things: Inspiration : bird tattoos + DIY temporary tattoos

Six Little Birds Tattoos On Wrist

Bird tattoos on forearm for spring - mini tattoos ideas – The Unique DIY Watercolor Tattoo which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY Watercolor Tattoo ideas on spring tattoo ideas, girls tattoo image to Personalize yourselves.