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Tricolored Heron and Chick

Araucana / Americana...I love this the chicks are so cute their markings remind me of a chipmunk...

One Week Old - Araucana / Americana Chicks

party hat time... it's fancy fowl Friday friends. {happy Friday}

Cute pic = although staged I have to say as chicken all dry and fluffy ...

these white ones a likely meat chickens. They grow very quickly, not as mellow as some other breeds and good healthy eating, esp if you feed them lots of table scraps and don't let them get fat but "large" this comes in good feed& free range.

When it looks like you're about to slide in....just dig in your toes and hang on!! Adorable!!

Chicken Breeds - Plymouth Rock Such a pretty chick! Ordered 2 from Meyers and one did not make it II contacted them and they responded immediately! Will definitely use them again if I ever get more chicks!Google Image Result for crazyboutchickens...