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One word.... Family

THERAPY DOGS-- love I love it when pets are allowed to visit! Its amazing to see people light up when their pets visit


Yes our heros come in many shapes and sizes. Dogs are heros as well. The man can be the dogs hero. The dog can be the mans hero. Either way anyone can be a hero. Put your mind to it!

All in the family

Love my Rottie! - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Animals are family

If you can't love a dog like a family member don't get one, because they only know how to look at you as a pack member, and to them, that is family.

Our military canines go above and beyond the call of duty.

Many people remember a fallen soldier as a person in uniform. Sometimes that soldier is the four legged friend who saved your life by being a bomb-sniffing dog and finding the IED and warns you about it before it explodes. This is a sad but beautiful pict


nothing like dog love Australian shepherd puppy All tuckered out from a long day in the studio.and a dog :)

Aww, he knows how to claim the possessions of others! Sure, the older one could have offered to share his bed, but I'm too evil to think of that.

You Snooze, You Loose

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 67 Pics ~ " I can't pin to this board cause I believe that "they" are more than just a just a Critter, " but I do love the pins you all share.

You're getting a steak when you get home, puppy.

Soldiers are ALL of those military members on the front line. Dogs have saved many soldiers and deserve the utmost respect that any civilian can provide. The highest respect that can be paid is to be known as a soldier.

Such a sweet story. Service dog gets honorary degree.

Funny pictures about A dog with a degree. Oh, and cool pics about A dog with a degree. Also, A dog with a degree.