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Veterinarians,,,,God Bless All Those Who Care For ANIMALS,,YES,,THANK YOU,,,,

OMG this is amazing... Words are not even necessary. I think most of us have been lucky enuff to feel this at least once in our lifetime...

♥ the reason I am studying veterinary medicine..

equine veterinarian - Google Search

This is why we become Veterinarians :)

That's right medical doctors out there. We do EVERYTHING. AND learn it all in 4 years. Don't underestimate a veterinarian.

A veterinarian's eye chart :P TOO CUTE. P L E A S E D O N O T B I T E T H E N I C E D O C T O R O K

AND our patients don't speak our language so we can't even ask where it hurts.

Veterinarian's Prayer or vet assistant for Lindsay

Dr. Patty Khuly: 5 Signs That You're in the Company of a Super Cat-Friendly Veterinarian:

Do you want to be a veterinarian? #pet #infographic