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Gorgeous Dalmatian pup. Don't see them very often. My friend had a dalmaian, he was beautiful His name was Chopian

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This reminds me of my cocker spaniel, Bandit! He was a tricolor cocker so he was black, brown and white!

Imprinting (Baby-Duck- Syndrome). Growing up with christian parents make people act like christians, when they become adult. They are only able to break out, if they receive a conciousness of the real sense of their life. Hardly 10% of them will do it.

First, this is not a small (breed) dog. This is an Irish Setter pup and very difficult to tire out. Congratulations OP! We had to read Old English for one of my College English courses. I ...

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Arrrrooooroooorooooo! I will greet you with the song of my people!