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Time spent when you can't sleep Why is this so funny? Nivea night cream Noel Y.


Type A Personality: 26 side effects group projects were your worst nightmare.

...and why he's so bitter.

college memes Group projects help me understand why batman works alone. There is so much truth in this!

The Lies I tell my self

The Lies I tell my self

theBERRY’s Afternoon Daily Randomness : theBERRY

Funny pictures about Drawing Expectations Vs. Oh, and cool pics about Drawing Expectations Vs. Also, Drawing Expectations Vs.

Define "children's movies" so true tho

Why Do You Want to See Our Children Cry? (Then again.The Dark Knight Rises with that one Alfred scene)

'OZ' - The 'Other' Side of the Rainbow: Friends vs. Best Friends..

So Relatable - Funny GIFs, Relatable GIFs Quotes Friend from Best Friend. My best friends and I always have this problem. Lol best pillow fight of all time,


I never get tired of this joke.why is this so true- especially with my siblings