Edward mani di forbice  Fabián Ciraolo

Edward Scissor Hands, version: Cultural Icons Remixed As Hipsters And Hooligans, in the world of illustrator Fabian Ciraolo.

Hipsterized  What if our old school heroes where characters of nowadays? Im guesing most of them would be hipsters

Chilean artist Fabian Ciraolo’s new work has historical rebels transformed into hipsters. Salvador Dalí is a Vampire Weekend fan.

A verdadeira identidade de 25 ícones da cultura pop

A verdadeira identidade de 25 ícones da cultura pop

82 Pop Culture Icons Unmasked In Art Book Shows Who's Really Under The Mask -

Identidades secretas de ícones da cultura pop são reveladas por artista

Icons Unmasked is an upcoming book, created by brilliant Chicago-based artist and b-boy Alex Solis, that will feature his amusing illustrations that reveal the true identities of iconic pop culture…

Risultati immagini per pop comics

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