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Shirin Neshat, Iran. Addresses social, political psychological dimensions of women's experience in contemporary Islamic societies. She resists stereotypical representations of Islam, her artistic objectives are not explicitly polemical. Her work recognizes the complex intellectual religious forces shaping the identity of Muslim women throughout the world. Using Persian poetry calligraphy she examined concepts such as martyrdom, the space of exile, the issues of identity femininity.

I look forward to voting for Elizabeth Warren as the First Woman President...Her message here says to Vote for Bernie Sanders who fights for working people...while Hillary favors her corporate sponsors on Wall St. regulations, GMO labeling, Fracking, Private Prisons.......

"America is getting the revenue sucked right out of her from corporations who play this ‘multinational company game’ daily. Meanwhile, Republicans would rather fight the poor over food stamps they need in order to just stay alive than fight to close tax loopholes that cost us BILLIONS without even counting their refunds. And they wonder why we don’t have money to pay bills." | Wake up, people, and vote the GOP out of office. Theirs is the agenda of greed and hate and especially misogyny.