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In my experience, wine always requires mouth-to-mouth.

Funny pictures about Secret of enjoying a good wine. Oh, and cool pics about Secret of enjoying a good wine. Also, Secret of enjoying a good wine photos.

an entire bottle of wine fits in a starbucks trenta cup cha - Wine in a Starbucks Cup

An entire bottle of wine can fit in a Starbucks Trenta cup. This is clearly what the trenta cup was designed for.

A wine glass that makes sense!

Finally, a wine glass that makes sense!

Funny pictures about The perfect wine glass. Oh, and cool pics about The perfect wine glass. Also, The perfect wine glass photos.

A glass of wine counts as a serving of fruit...right?   Sounds good to me! ;)

A glass of wine counts as a serving of fruit. Sounds good to me!

Old people at weddings always poke me and say " You're next. " So, I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.

Funny pictures about Old people. Oh, and cool pics about Old people. Also, Old people photos.


That would be awesome, if only I could say it and keep a straight face. hahaha I get told I look familiar all the time!so funny.


Funny Police Traffic Speed Limit Sign Joke Picture Quote - Yes officer, I did see the speed limit sign, I just didn't see you

feeling ugly, or stupid, or broke.....

So funny! Sad thing is i am one of those people who make u feel better! I dont usually care what i look like when i go to walmart!


I tried to login on my iPad, turns out it was an Etch a Sketch and I don't own an iPad. Also, I'm out of wine. - Funny jokes for wine lovers

Wine   The recommended 2-3 servings per day

Wine: an alcoholic drink that is made from fermented grapes and therefore officially counts as a serving of fruit. I just found another excuse to keep drinking my Wine!

Wine a little

Fun and creative wine sayings. See some of our favorite sayings about one of our favorite things in life. That would be Fine Wine.

Too funny

random thoughts for FRIDAY january 27th, 2012

You can tell a lot about a woman by her hands. For instance, if they are placed around your throat she’s probably slightly upset.

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The 27 Best Trader Joes Wines (That Won't Break The Bank)

Funny parenting meme- "The most expensive part of having kids is all the wine you have to drink." SO TRUE or vodka, as the case may be.

Oh, my husband is going to get a kick outta this! He always says I should work for the FBI. I think motherhood & marriage heighten your senses and you are constantly on guard. Like a mother bear ;).

A jealous woman does better research than the FBI.ain't that the dang truth!