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Use Tupperware containers to store base 10 blocks.

Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Sweet & Simple Saturday Post lunch container idea and labels.

Instead of place value, have students add all digits in each row. Who ever has the largest number wins.

Place Value Game

Place Value Game. I would add a few rows to get to the The kids could then write the number in standard, expanded and word forms. Could be good at beginning of the year, call it Place vAlue Mountain

PLACE VALUE BINGO *BASE 10 BLOCKS* - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Place Value Game - Base Ten Block Review

Place Value Bingo *Base 10 Blocks* - Use ten frames for primary grades. Could adapt this for upper grades by adding numbers in word, number, expanded form

Awesome math game to practice multiplication facts!

Now THIS will get us through the rest of essentials.Multiplication Concentration w/ Hershey Kisses - possible Halloween or Valentine party game

Like this connection between base 10 blocks and hundreds chart. Place value connection...combining a hundreds chart with base-10 blocks to see tens and ones. Another great way to build numbers sense by making those connections. Read more at: http://fundamentalsinfirstgrade.blogspot.com/search/label/Place%20Value

Like this connection between base 10 blocks and hundreds chart. Place value connection - combining a hundreds chart with blocks to see tens and ones.

I know I've pinned this site before, but I love her math notebook!  I'm using this place value chart next week in my class.

Numbers and Operations in Base Ten- place value journal foldables in notebooks Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Math Notebooks

Bang! - Pull a stick, read the math fact, and solve. If you get a stick that says BANG! put all your sticks back.

(play zap with popsicle sticks instead of paper bag) Math Fact BANG! Kids pull a stick, read the fact, answer correctly and they keep the stick. If they pull out a BANG they have to put all their sticks back.

Great way to help teach place values

Place Value Paint Samples. could make this larger to add places. Going to have to get the paint chips with more colors to make bigger numbers. Would be great help for my students who still struggle with place value.

The Map is Not the Territory: Multiplication Models Poster

Read and write numbers to 1000 using base-ten numerals,number names, and expanded form. I could use this in math groups or as an independent work activity. I could also laminate these sheets and have students write on them at a problem-solving station.

Favoritist Disney movie of all time. I so wanted to be Belle when i was a little girl because she read and used her brain like me :)

Pretzel sticks for tens and marshmallows for ones. Could use a Graham cracker for hundreds. Could use Graham cracker for hundreds. What for thousands? Cute edible activity to teach place value.