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    • Maggie Caponigro

      Norma Jean Baker AKA Marilyn Monroe

    • shoellerulrichm

      iconic life magazine covers ; LIFE magazine april 7 , 1952 " marylin monroe " philippe halsman #pinterest #lifetime #iconiclifemagazinecovers #lifemagazine #marylinmonroe #philippehalsman

    • shoellerulrichm

      " 1o iconic life magazine covers " philippe halsman ; life magazine " life magazine ; april o7, 1952 " marilyn monroe the talk of hollywood #pinterest #pinterestcomshoellerulrichmlifetime #philippehalsman #lifetime #lifemagazinecovers #marilynmonroe

    • Rafael Gutierez

      life: Happy Birthday, Philippe Halsman. Of all the 20th century photographers who made a name for themselves with their portrait work, few managed to capture as dizzying an array of subjects as the Latvian-born master, Philippe Halsman. Halsman (b. May 2, 1906; d. June 25, 1979) began his long, enormously productive relationship with LIFE in 1942, and eventually shot more than 50 covers for the magazine. Here, LIFE looks back at some of his most famous covers for the magazine.

    • Musée de l'Elysée

      Life Magazine cover, "Marilyn Monroe - talk of Hollywood, the iconic photo of her in the ruched white off-the-shoulder gown", April 7, 1952

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