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Oh San Francisco 25 Funny Photos of People Wearing Really Stupid Outfits

Horse and rider take a break from a long hack out in the woods... and sit down and have a chat with one another. I wonder what they're saying!

this was so funny i cried!!! love these animal funny pictures!!

They're Just a Chip Off the Old Block | Photo essay that revealed humble roots of rock legends as they pose with parents.

spotted Miley Cyrus at the Safari Park

Hilarious Caricatures by Yoann LORI

Some horses are so polite that they let you go over the jump before they do.

I think i laughed entirely too hard and too long at this cat but OMFG its hilarious

♥ just enjoying my morning coffee, listening to tunes and waiting out the traffic ♥

"Plus-size" models (or any models above the super-skinny norm, for that matter) serve a dual purpose: They showcase plus-size clothing for a growing market... and they also provide women with a more diverse range of bodies to look up to. So if we have plus-size women modeling clothes, why not have plus-size Barbies?

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 69 Pics

I love it when the kids get the parents back hahaha

I need to find myself one of these bad boys.