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Wake up Yoga. Did this right out of bed and was awake for my busy morning. Stretches some muscles I didn't know were tight!

Foam rolling

5 Moves for Getting the Best Ass Ever, Demonstrated by Jen Selter

This 25 minutes workout is designed to reshape the glute muscles, lift the buns, and develop a toned, curvy backside through a combination of standing Pilates exercises and concentrated floor moves. You only need a Yoga mat for this workout that is great for all skill levels. Before doing this exercise we should warn you…

We are getting ready for some sun on the beach by working out our legs and getting our thighs looking GREAT! Check out this website to see how I lost 19 pounds in one month

It’s no secret, the dynamic duo known as “Base Body Babes” are well, total BABES. Not only that, but they’re experts in what they do. So, when it came to finding the right advice on how to build a booty (like Beyonce), we knew Diana and Felicia were the perfect people to show us how. - The Female Training Bible: Everything You Need To Get The Sexy Body You Desire!

Burn It Up: 30-Minute Circuit Workout From Equinox - kettlebell workout.

10 Moves for Thinner Thighs. Kills your legs and hips buts it's a good exercise

15-Minute AMRAP Workout with hand weights - Looks awesome!

8 Stretches Your Tight Hips Are Begging For

Fat Burning Ab Exercises. Burn fat and slim down while toning up your abs and strengthening your core. Repeat the circuit once or twice more. Click the image to see the moves in GIF form.

Bikini Shape-Up Circuit With Weights

The 500-Calorie Treadmill Workout | SparkPeople

Drop a Jean Size Workout. I did this workout 3 days a week last year and not only did I drop a jean size, but I kept it off. I highly recommend this workout and just about any workout that comes from Fitness Magazine. Their workouts are reliable and will give you results.

No matter what type of body you have, THIS workout is a sure-fire way to help you build long, lean, and toned muscles. Check it out, because it's probably not what you're used to. Be sure to incorporate this video workout 2x a week to get started building that sexy "yoga body".

12 week lifting routine- A Weightlifting Strength Training Routine Workout for Women

Whether you're traveling or just don't have the space in your home for clunky workout equipment, we've got you covered with13 Ways to Transform Your Body without Equipment! #totalbodytransformation #transformation #workouts

7 simple workouts to get you in shape now.

Workouts on Vacation

42 Best Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Fast. Repin now and read later.

Melt Fat, Build Muscle: Dumbbell Blast Circuit Workout: *plank & rotate *single-leg scarecrows *squat, curl, & press *lying chest fly *lying overhead reach *seated Russian twist *reverse lunge & press *plank & straight-arm kickback *weighted squat

How To: Do the Perfect Deadlift