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  • megan kimmel
    megan kimmel • 2 years ago

    no filthy launguage, funny comedy... always most tactful,,,

  • Susan Brusco
    Susan Brusco • 2 years ago

    This man was a class act. As megan said he did it w/o filthy language, and, filthy skits. God broke the mold when he made Johnny.

  • Patrick Cappiello
    Patrick Cappiello • 2 years ago

    When Johnny left the Tonight Show, that was the day comedy died. One expression from him was worth a thousand of the best one-liners ever. He just had it all.

  • radio chick
    radio chick • 2 years ago

    i agree - comedy definitely took a turn for the worse after johnny. too much of a competition to who can be the most shocking, the most offensive.

  • liz gidley
    liz gidley • 2 years ago

    I agree...comedians now adays, think to be funny you have to be filthy and trash others...ridiculous ....

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