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Well, I kinda still like these body plus graphic shape (or type) kind of designs...

My Tour de France Minimal Poster by Vincent Vermeij Aka Chungkong

FESTIVAL CHROMATIC 2013 - La campagne graphique on Branding Served

by Vincent Vermeij


Typographic poster design

Mut zur wut

100 Days is a fascinating project by Jessica Svendsen in which she created daily variations of Josef Müller-Brockmann’s excellent Beethoven concert poster. The project was part of the Michael Bierut 100 Days Workshop at the Yale School of Art.

Monotono - The Absurdity of Form. Poster Study. by Ryan Atkinson, via Behance

Systematic Randomness

Info poster inspiration small timeline--> road map?

Jonathan Jones / Mark Gowing

Supply. / B&F Make Sense

from Ireland-based designer Duane Dalton

Simple poster design

typ_con_2013 identity - adrianacresp●