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    New Life Motto | Keep Your Heels, Head & Standards High

  • Jessica Gullingsrud

    High Standards & High Heels

  • Ally

    Keep your heels, head, and standards high! You go girl. Rock it!

  • Michelle Davenport

    Words of Wisdom

  • Rachel Flamini

    one of my life quotes. ALL girls need to remember this!

  • jannette joten

    Keep your heels, head & standards high. #quote Remember, you are a lady and no one will forget. Lift your chin, walk into that room, and smile. You are every bit as good as anyone, when you know it so will the world. This should be a poster in every little girl's room!

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Lost is not always lost. Wandering is a great way to find yourself. Have always loved off-roading!

Rosie and Rachel

Be smart and once you get her, do not cheat on her with a hooker. If you need more love, just say so.

And a friend second to none. You lose it all. Your self respect and the best friend you ever had, that loved you without pause. Replace that.

Goodbyes. Life quote. Loss. Death. Loss of a loved one. Grief. Hurt. Pain. Live. Life goes on.

looks very similar to a painting i have been working on..... ugh. no such thing as originality. still love love love the idea.....

Over the past couple of years, we have read a lot of beautiful words of love. We've compiled 25 of our favorite romantic love quotes here.

Poem from Shel Silverstein. Made me laugh. Hope you enjoy. - Imgur

the missing piece shel silverstein quotes - Google Search

Shel Silverstein and Alice in Wonderland. Two of my favorites

shel silverstein, quotes, sayings, weakness, poetry

shell silverstein poems | Shel Silverstein - Two Delighted

I just wanna move to never land, where I can stay young forever. NO. Like, fer reals.

But you keep smiling and just hope that no one asks "How are you?" and inevitably someone does and so you tell another lie. These quotes are proving to be an amazing way to chronicle the 2012-2013 challenge....

Heartbreaking Quotes, Heartbroken Quotes, Sad Love Quotes found on Polyvore ...I never saw it coming. ultimatedatingsys...

one of the cruelest things love love quotes quotes broken hearted relationships quote girl couple sad boy love quote heart broken

I owe no explanations for my flaws I don't have to justify my mistakes my past or my insecurities I am growing and learning let me live | In...

A Collection of 28 #Funny #Friendship #Quotes to Enjoy

No one can tell me that this is not the correct way to say this

I spend a lot of time worrying about the bad things that could happen instead of thinking about the great things that could!

Many won't believe me, but I have never feared death. There are many reasons why this is so, too many for here. People who truly know me, believe it. When I was a teen, I was told "Never regret the things you've done, you can't change them anyway. Regret the things you never tried!":)

Dalai Lama ~ I am going to benefit others...

May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short//

Normal is boring.

Love is all you need.