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swimming with whales. this WILL BE ME one day (the snorkeler that is lol). It is my dream to swim with whales!

Humpback whale

whale = la ballena [bah-ee-eh=nah] or [bah-YEH-na] :) This would be an ultimate dream come true on the bucket list to swim with these guys.

Make this Wednesday an exceptional one. This rare white humpback whale spotted off the coast of Queensland, Australia name Migaloo (meaning 'white fella') can be your inspiration. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Awesome footage of rare white whale off the coast of Australia

This rare white humpback whale was spotted off the coast of Queensland, Australia name Migaloo (meaning 'white fella'). Have a wonderful Whale Wednesday!

Great Blue Whales... mom and baby

KINGS OF OCEANS Blue whales are up to 100 feet long. Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant. Their hearts, as much as an automobile.


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Gorgeous Jellies

Get inspired by the beauty of life.jk, its actually a piece of art called Underwater Flight, a fabric sculpture in Portland Airport by Sayuri Sasaki Hemann. I see as some of my biggest

is a Shark a mammal or fish? That is the question that is perhaps most commonly asked when talking about sharks. Since sharks give birth to pups, and a few species lay eggs, the common consensus is that sharks are mammals.  Across the board, though, 70% of all sharks give birth, while the remaining 30% lay eggs. Sharks are actually fish, which is sure to be a surprise to many.

Is a Shark a Mammal or Fish? and Answers to Other Interesting Shark Questions

Posterazzi Composite Humpback Whale Breaching With Mist-Covered Mountains In The Background Of The Alexander Archipelago Of Southeast Alaska Composite Canvas Art - Ron Sanford Design Pics x

I went looking for him, and I found him :) On August 16th, 2013 I saw a blue whale- Gaspe Peninsula.

The Blue whale, an astonishing animal which makes the most soothing sound known ,its one of them animals you've got to love .Despite the hulking size the blue whale is a remarkably gentle animal .