so true *sigh* LOL


@Jessyca Rogers

this is for my friends, the lovely ladies of dphie ;) @Miranda Marrs Marrs Taylor @Elizabeth Lockhart Lockhart Pamer @Aimee Lemondée Gillespie Connelly @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy frazier Brownfield

that's true for most of us...

Friends vs Best Friends


sO LIKE the ppl in the third row look exactly like this one "friend" I have and she thinks that if you have fun you're gonna get in trouble or whatever and she constantly acts all proper and tells me how I should act but like naw bro idc what chu say I'm staying in the front row k that's all


My life.

@Decia Splaine #loveyou

This makes me think of my best friend Andi. The nursing home would probably move one of us to a different facility because together we'd cause too big a ruckus.

Good friends

really small gang :)

332 girls:)