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Although they didn't understand anything I said to them, they loved to repeat every word at the top of their lungs! So naturally, I had them saying things like "I love you, Scar!" "You're my absolute favorite!" And I taught them songs! <3 <3 <3 Photo by #scarlettrabe @scarlettrabe in Chad, Africa

Aren't they gorgeous? I <3 these people! It was not easy to convince them that the camera was not scary, but soon they let loose! Photo by #scarlettrabe @scarlettrabe in Chad, Africa.

<3 Photo by #scarlettrabe @scarlettrabe in Chad, Africa

#scarlettrabe @scarlettrabe at unicef in Chad, Africa

Just...Gah. Photo by #scarlettrabe @scarlettrabe in Chad, Africa

Wanna go back. #scarlettrabe @scarlettrabe in Chad, Africa