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Learn how to describe objects using classifiers in American Sign Language (ASL). A variety of DCLs (Descriptive Classifiers) are shown in this video. Facial ...

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Books of The Bible: Signs via Letter Abbreviations. An option for signs, a resource.

"numbers" ASL American Sign Language

Feelings Sign Review - American Sign Language - YouTube

American Sign Language sign order. Several examples of the unique grammatical structure of words in this signed language which is not similar to English's. ASL's most basic sentence structure: Subject-Object-Verb ("STORE. ME GO THERE") using 3D space and order to differentiate between Subj & Obj. Unlike English: Subject-Verb-Object ("I go to the store").

I love my ASL class and was psyched to find this: American Sign Language: ASL Zombie Signs

Sign language wall clock, would be awesome in my classroom!! See our amazing American Sign Language Fonts at www.teacherspayte...

Learn 40 signs for clothes in American Sign Language (ASL). A vocabulary lesson for the topic "clothing" or "clothes". Subtitled in English. Please thumbs up...

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Easy to Read Version - Deaf Bible Title, AWESOME!

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#ASL sign for "Wuzzup?" / "What's going on?"

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American Sign Language Emotion Words : American Sign Language: Anxious Nervous

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A Deaf Woman's Journey from Oralism to ASL

Did you know? More than 335,000 deaf or hard of hearing Americans own their own business. | The Silent Grapevine (TSG)

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Once involved in Deaf Culture or ASL classes, you'll most likely hear about the historical figure, "Thomas Gallaudet" or his namesake University. This graphic briefly explains his significant participation in shaping the culture, language, and education of American Deaf people as it is today and from what it was long ago.

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