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Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927) was suffragette, stock broker, publisher, and the first woman to run for the U.S. presidency. Her early years were spent in a travelling fortune-telling and medicine family show as a psychic. Later--a divorcee twice over--she operated a brokerage firm on Wall Street with her sister. She also started a reform magazine which argued for equal standards for men and women, mystical socialism, and the legalization of prostitution during the repressive Victorian era.


A great woman…

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The Missouri Woman cover for June 1916: " Votes for Women." The "Missouri Woman" was a monthly magazine published by the St. Louis Equal Suffrage League from 1915-1919. Missouri History Museum

arianna huffington, age 24: the photo is a scan from viva magazine, 8.1974, in which she was interviewed about her views on "the women's lib movement." She'd recently published a book, The Female Woman, which the magazine described as follows: "Her concept of the 'female woman' is of a person who combines feminity, intelligence, and independence, but without friction and without self-consciousness..."

Forcible Feeding Cover of The Suffragette - 42-18592188 - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis. An illustration depicting force feeding as torture, published in The Suffragette magazine, March 28, 1913. The magazine was edited by Christabel Pankhurst and published by the Women's Social and Political Union in England. Fahrenheit 451 Bookstores Books for Progressive readers & Revolutionary Minds on Amazon at or E-Bay at

Though today we'd scarcely bat an eye at the image of a pregnant celebrity, during the Victorian era it was rather uncommon for a women (be she famous or not) to be photographed (as stage actress Lilly Langtry was here) when she was in the "family way". #pregnant #Victorian #actress #vintage #antique #women #beautiful #stage #Lilly_Langtry

A groups of young Victorian women (friends, cousins, classmates, church members?) pose for a lovely springtime portrait, complete with darling little nosegays of fresh blooms. #flowers #Victorian #vintage #19th_century #women #dress #costume #1800s