Reuse empty wine and liquor bottles for pretty decor - use spray paint & stencils ;)

use freezer paper to create a stencil, iron it on and stencil on fabric paint with a stiff brush. pull off your stencil and wait for it to dry.

Spraypaint Stencil Art Tutorial

Spray Music - 7"x7" Signed Photo Print, Home Decorating, Art Print, Music Art, Music Decor, Art for Music Lover

spray paint stencils printable | ... wars pumpkin stencil star wars logo stencil star wars wall stencil

multi layer stencil HOW TO.... this is the one i've been looking for!!!

Figures of Birds Emerge from a Kinetic Flurry of Spray Paint

Plutonium™ Paint x Leo Hayes High School 12th Grade Stencil Art Class - New Brunswick, Canada. Three Layer Custom Cut #Ghandi Stencil by the students.

It's no big secret....I love spray paint. I learned how messy it can be when I had the job of repainting our lawn chairs as a teenager. Until 2006, I considered spray paint to be for refinishing furniture or red wagons. Then one weekend when I was away with friends for a self-imposed art retreat

Easy art! Spray paint a canvas using doilies as stencils.

DIY Spray painted bottles

Spatters, with Dylusion sprays and stencils for art journal background by Claire.

how to make your own stencils

step-by-step of stencil portraits

After having so many request this video i finally decided to make a tutorial on how I do my stencils. If you guys have any questions i might be doing a Q&A s...

The tips this girl has for fabric painting and stenciling are easy to follow and have the most beautiful effects (so jealous)

Cheap silver platter spray painted black with numbers written on it. #platter #repurpose

DIY Hot Glue Stencils / Stenciling (on clothing) via - how cool would this be on journal or photo album covers too - I'm thinking DIY Christmas!!

STEPPING STONES: use a large paper doilie and glow in the dark spray paint. (I would paint the entire surface dark hunter green FIRST for more contrast) Great idea for a woods path too.

Transient Seedlings by Devon Tsuno, 30 x 23" acrylic and spray paint on paper - layered stencil work - part of his Horticulture series - Tsuno’s new abstract paintings focus on non-native vegetation and bodies of water that exist as urban oasis.