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We know that people love their pets, and rightfully so. They’re loyal, they’re kind, and they won’t tag you in random pictures on Facebook. But sometimes that love gets taken a little bit too far and veers over into the realm of a little bit crazy....

29 Cool Ways to Go Cruelty Free

Go Cruelty Free with cosmetics and cleaning products that do not test on animals. Convenience is the most common reason animal testing is still done animals. Join us and choose cruelty free products. #pets #animals

REVLON commitment to profit is obvious, commitment to consumers who care about cruelty-free products has been revealed as a sham! Avon, Estee Lauder and Mary Kay found to be testing on animals:

This Site Will Make a Stuffed Animal Clone of Your Pet

Cuddle Clones wants to make it a little easier to cope with the loss of your pet by creating a plush clone of it using just a handful of photos from different angles. Each clone is custom-made, and the results are remarkably close to the real thing.